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**Last Update Date: 22nd March 2023**

Welcome to Get Me Toy Store. On this page, we explain the terms and conditions of use and ordering from our online store, "" By using our website and making purchases from it, you agree to all the terms and conditions mentioned on this page, and the store has the right to enforce and adhere to these terms and conditions without exception for any provision, whether shopping directly through the website or by receiving your order.

**(1) Owning a Customer Membership at Get Me Toy Store:**

1. In order to have a membership at the store and to use and make purchases and orders, you acknowledge that you are over 18 years old.

2. No person is allowed to create a new membership after being banned from the website or after their membership has been canceled by the website administration.

3. After registering on the website, we will ask you to enter your email address and password, and it is your full responsibility to provide us with this information.

4. The customer acknowledges the accuracy of the information entered in the registration form on the website.

5. The customer must be able to provide us with an address for order delivery.

6. We have the right to cancel, delete, disable, or block any account without prior notice for any user who uses false and inaccurate information such as the address and phone number.

**(2) Promotional Messages:**

1. The customer agrees to receive messages via email regarding changes to the usage policy or promotional advertisements that highlight new products on the website.

2. The customer has the right to request unsubscribing from receiving promotional advertisements by clicking on the unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email.

**Return/Exchange Policy:**

1. The customer has the right to return the order and receive a refund within 7 days from the date of receipt based on shipment tracking information in the event of any of the following three cases:

   a) Loss of the product during the shipping process.

   b) Receipt of a damaged, defective, or faulty product.

   c) Receipt of a wrong product or a product that does not match the description in the advertisement.

2. The returned/replaced product must be in its original condition and packaging, unused, unopened, and with no changes to the product packaging.

3. If the customer requests a product return due to a product defect, the store has the right to request a video demonstration from the customer to accept the return.

4. After the customer submits the return request, the store will respond to the customer regarding the request within 24-48 hours from the date of the return request.

5. We do not accept returns of goods in cases where there is a defect resulting from the customer's misuse of the product or the customer's lack of knowledge about the proper use of the product.

6. We do not accept the return of any product that has been custom-made to the consumer's specifications, such as aluminum foil packaging or adhesive, logo printing on clothes, custom stickers, etc. To learn more about the customized product policy, visit the following link: [Custom Made Products Policy](

7. In case a product return is accepted, the customer must wait for the product to reach the sending party and be verified for its safety before the purchase amount is refunded to the customer.

8. In the following cases, the customer bears the cost of returning the product, amounting to £5:

   a) If the customer simply wants to return the product because they no longer want it.

   b) If the customer received the product and did not like it, and the product description matched what the customer ordered.

9. The customer does not bear the cost of returning the product in the following cases:

   a) Receipt of a product that does not match the description mentioned on the website.

   b) Receipt of a damaged or defective product.

   c) Receipt of a wrong product.

10. If a return is accepted based on the customer claiming that the product is damaged or defective and it is proven otherwise, the return of the product will not be accepted, and the product will be sent back to the customer at their expense.

11. When delivering the return voucher to the customer, the customer is responsible for delivering the product within 7 days (excluding weekly holidays) from the date of receiving the return voucher, and the return can be made through one of the following methods:

   a) Contacting the shipping company to pick up the shipment from the customer.

   b) The customer personally delivers the shipment to the nearest branch of the shipping company.

12. If the shipping company does not contact the customer regarding picking up the shipment, the store is not responsible for this delay, and the customer remains responsible for delivering the shipment to the nearest branch of the shipping company.

13. The store has the right to refuse to accept the return of the

 product if the customer delays in returning the product after receiving the return voucher for more than 7 days (excluding weekly holidays) from the date of receiving the shipping voucher. Additionally, the customer is not allowed to request a new return voucher.

**(4) Order Cancellation:**

1. Orders cannot be canceled after the tracking number is issued and the shipment is handed over to the shipping company or during the shipping process. Please note that the store cannot cancel orders after they are handed over to the shipping company. The product must reach the customer, and then the customer can submit a new request for a return after receiving it. Additionally, please be aware that the shipping company is responsible for delivering shipments from the sender to the recipient, and the delivery agent cannot return the shipment themselves without a return request.

**(5) Order Placing:**

1. The customer is responsible for entering accurate address information, contact numbers, and shipping details when placing an order in the store. If the delivery representative is unable to contact the customer due to incorrect information provided, the customer will bear the expenses and costs of returning the shipment. The store also has the right to cancel the order and refund the paid amount if incorrect information is discovered by the customer before the shipment is handed over to the shipping company.

2. We, Get Me Toy, do not bear any expenses related to customs fees, customs clearance, or handling of shipments imposed on internationally shipped goods by customs or the shipping company. The buyer is responsible for the costs of these fees at their own expense if they are imposed. Please note that customs fees are not calculated by the website and are not added to the purchase invoice.

 The customer will be invoiced for customs fees by the shipping company before or upon delivery of the shipment. To learn more about customs fees, please visit the Customs Authority website for your country.

3. If an order is placed and the payment method chosen is bank transfer, the order will not be approved or sent until the payment is completed and the customer provides us with the payment receipt by completing the bank transfer form, email, or WhatsApp number provided by the store. Unpaid orders may be deleted from the store after 5 days from the order placement if the payment process is not completed.

4. Please note that sometimes, when providing the customer with a tracking number and changing the order status to "Shipped," it may take several hours to two days for the shipment link to display the shipment information.

5. We do not guarantee that the store is free from technical, spelling, typographical, or pricing errors resulting from unintended human errors. We will notify the customer immediately upon discovering any errors after completing the order process or even during the shipping process to reach a satisfactory solution for both parties.

6. If a new order is placed by the customer and any of the errors mentioned in section 5, item 6 are discovered, and a satisfactory solution cannot be reached between the parties, the customer will be compensated for the value of the paid order on the same card used in the purchasing process or as agreed upon between the parties. Once the amount is transferred, the customer releases the store from any responsibility, and the contract between the store and the customer is considered canceled.

**(6) Shipping:**

1. The shipping time is specified on the checkout page. Please note that the website does not guarantee the product's arrival within the specified time. Delays may occur due to shipping company delays, and the store is not responsible for any delays in delivering shipments on time.

2. The customer is aware that weekends and official holidays in the shipping country (China for international shipments) and (the UK for domestic shipments) are not included in the shipping days. Please check the UK holiday calendar here before placing an order.

3. The customer is aware that the delivery time for parcels to the shipping company may take 2-5 days, in addition to the shipping time of 7-10 business days. The actual shipping time starts from the date the shipping company delivers the products.

4. The customer is aware that when ordering internationally shipped products, the delivery of the products may be delayed during customs clearance procedures in some cases. This is beyond our control and the shipping company's control, and this time is not counted within the mentioned shipping period.

5. The customer is aware that there may be force majeure circumstances that prevent our suppliers from delivering products on time, such as curfews due to the effects of the coronavirus on the world. We apologize to the customer for any delay in delivering their shipment until the supplier can deliver it as soon as possible.

6. Please note that due to the different locations of the products, if you order multiple different products, there may be a delay of 3-6 days for the products to be assembled beyond the mentioned duration on the order page, depending on the number of products to send them in one package.

**(7) Warranty:**

1. The customer is aware that the devices sold at the Get Me Toy Store are imported from abroad and are provided on demand based on the customer's request from our store. The customer also understands that the store does not provide any warranty on any device sold by us, and the store is not responsible for any malfunctions related to the product after the return period, which is 7 days from the customer's receipt of the product based on the tracking link. The customer agrees and acknowledges when placing an order from the store to release us from any compensation or legal claims after the mentioned return period.

**(8) Complaint Handling:**

3. To file a new complaint, please send the complaint details through our contact form or send your complaint to the following email:

1. If a new complaint is submitted, it will be responded to within a maximum of 24-48 hours.

2. Complaints will be processed based on the type of complaint and may take 7-14 business days.

**(9) Modification of Terms and Conditions:**

1. The customer is aware that the website's terms and conditions are subject to change and do not require permission from website users. They are immediately applicable upon being published on this page.

**(10) Customer Communication:**

1. The official method of communication with the administration is through our email at or the contact form on the website.
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