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Custom Made Products Policy

1. It is not accepted to return any product that was produced specifically for the consumer according to the specifications requested, for example, but not limited to aluminum cans packaging foil or tape, printing a logo on clothes, detailing, printing stickers, etc.

2. If a product was requested to be produced specifically for the consumer with specifications chosen by the customer, and it became clear after receipt that the customer had entered the specifications incorrectly, then the responsibility rests entirely on the customer, and the store is not responsible for that.

3. It is advised not to order large quantities before ordering the lowest possible quantity to avoid any losses.

4. Returns of customized products are accepted in the event of a different receipt than what was requested.

5. If the return of a product is accepted because the customer chose the reason for the return that it is damaged or has a defect and it turns out otherwise, the return of the product is not accepted, and the product is sent again to the customer at his expense.

6. In some cases where the exchange of a product specifically tailored to the customer is accepted, the replacement must be in the same quantity and the original price of the first replaced order.

7. If a product exchange is accepted, in some cases, the customer will bear the cost of returning the product.

8. We do not accept the return of goods in the event of a defect as a result of the customer's misuse of the product or the customer's lack of knowledge of using the product correctly.

9. The order cannot be canceled after the order has been delivered to the shipping company, and the tracking number has been issued.

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